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About us

Founded in 2003, Jaguar Ic ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti., imports Film Faced Plywood and OSB (Oriented Standard Board) from all over the world and supplies these materials to the local market.

Jaguar started the business with the suppliers which are the world leaders in the sectors of Plywood and OSB. It have worked without making a concession for its notion of quality and service since its foundation.

Jaguar has been providing services as the distributers of its own sectors in Turkey.


Doka Formwork Systems

Doka timber formwork beams are the basis for many Doka form work systems and have a wide range of uses. Hundreds of thousands of these carefully manufactured beams do sterling service on countless construction sites every day. The H20 top and H20 eco beams are familiar names all over the world, and are the right choice for any application.



Plywood is made by gluing together a number of thin veneers or plies of softwood or hardwood. There is always an odd number of veneers and each ply is at a right angle to the one below, this gives the material it's strength. The more veneers used, the stronger the plywood becomes. Both the type of glue and veneers determine the suitability of a sheet for a particular application.

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